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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Gawakoto Kimo-Noh - Adding art in Martial Arts

Photo credit: Gawakoto

I love comic books.

Who doesn't?

Our love of art has different levels. My introduction to "real" comic book art was by way of the uncanny X-Men. I admit, I fail as a comic book geek in comparison to my buddy Bong from Gawakoto. Bazooka gum comic strips don't fall under the same category by the way.

I always borrowed from friends, never bought any myself. As a kid, they were too pricey for me. Marvel comics were a scarcity where I grew up, but it didn't bother me that I couldn't follow an arc or storyline.

Discovering the Gawakoto brand was a happy accident. I was looking for BJJ brands that offered Filipino-inspired designs. I found one of Bong's first projects - a Kali Eskrima rashguard with Lapu-lapu (which coincidentally is the hero of my hometown Cebu) as the centerpiece. I've become an avid fan of the brand ever since. I often convince friends and training partners to at least check the website out.

Gawakoto has recently designed a Kabuki-inspired gi, with approval from David Mack - the Kimo-Noh. The Kabuki comic book series is Mack's brainchild and is credited as one of his best work to date. Pre-order for this limited edition release has already started on Monday in the UK. The first 50 orders come with exclusive Kabuki artwork from David Mack.

I've been holding off on grabbing one since I was informed a US release is due in the future. Shipping cost from England is too high, buying locally would save me money. The plight of the working student.

I have to stop buying white gis, I just have too many to date. Hint hint Bong, please make a royal blue or navy gi soon!

Whoever is getting the Kimo-Noh before I do, please share your thoughts about the quality of the weave and the embroidered artwork. I would love to oggle at this gi even more.



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