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Friday, October 25, 2013

Sharing the gift of Jiu-jitsu

My Jiu-jitsu journey began on October 18. Merely two years after, my brother now begins his.

Having him train with me comes an immensely warm feeling. It almost surpasses the amount of joy I felt upon receiving my blue belt. To be able to share not only blood, but also the mats with him was an honor.

His first and only roll of that night was with me. The class was divided into two teams with matches assigned. We went last and had the longest roll.

I didn't want to overwhelm him so I pulled guard. Just like any spazzed out white belt he stood up to try and shake me off. He accidentally tripped and in the process slammed me. My head felt whizzed but we continued without pause.

I managed to get full mount on him. I attempted an armbar and had it really tight. He's flexible like me and would not tap easily to it. I finally submitted him with a gogoplata. After tapping out I gave him the biggest hug I remember that I've ever given him. I've never felt as close to him as a brother previously other than that night. He deserves a lot of credit for stepping up to the plate.

He wishes to continue training, although he can't maintain a consistent schedule due to work. Less training is better than no training right?

I hope he fully embraces the jiu-jitsu lifestyle one day. I hope we never stop training.

Listening to some takedown advice