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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Post follow-up: My first (and so far only) IBJJF Tournament

In my previous blog entry I had mentioned about my extreme weight cut for the 2012 IBJJF Las Vegas Summer Open. So here's the video of (sadly) my only match that day:

As you can see I was a spastic white belt. I was trying to do an O Soto Gari but couldn't get the step in timing right. So I looked like I was cabaret dancer kicking my legs. When the match went to the ground my opponent got me on side control. There disproves my fear - body weight wasn't a factor for me getting pinned. My opponent didn't outweigh me by much. Props to him for being really good at using his weight to keep me on bottom.

I defended decently against the submission attempts. Except for the Ezekiel choke that got me. It wasn't that clear from camera view. You can even see the ref ask me if I was okay.

Lessons were learned that day. Hard lessons in fact. The name of the game is improvement. I know I'm going at it at a slower pace, but slow progress is still progress.


  1. Congrats on competing, on putting up your video, and of looking at it as a way to improve. I couldn't do it at first - it was too "humiliating" (only to me - not to anyone else). Now I don't care - it's all silly new-white belt stuff. Of course I sucked - I had only been doing BJJ for a month. hehehe.

    ps. May I suggest that you add name/url to your "comment as"? Sometimes blogger is...less than friendly for the other options.

    1. I'm still new to this whole blogging thing. How exactly do you do that? :D

    2. Hey there! Well, here's the experience I usually have:

      Here's how to fix it:

      I think that that should help you fix it!

    3. Thanks! I got it fixed up now :D

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